DELLS BUCKET LIST #14 - Carving a wood sculpture at WATSON WOODS

Usually, using power tools is something I try to avoid whenever possible, but during my latest Dells Bucket List adventure not only did I find myself wielding a chainsaw, I realized that it can be rather fun as well.

Interview with wood carver - Dave Watson

For more than two decades Dave Watson has been carving wood sculptures with a chainsaw on his forty acre property in the Wisconsin Dells that he calls Watson Woods. Most notable for his of whimsical bears, Dave uses his creative talents to take plain wooden stumps and turn them into a large variety of functional works of art. Dave and his wife Annette were kind enough to invite me into their home recently where they shared incite to what brought them to the Dells, how Dave got into the craft of wood sculpturing, and what his average day of carving entails.