DELLS BUCKET LIST #17- Going behind-the-scenes of PAINT IT! POTTERY SHOP

Getting my hands dirty is usually something I find rather unpleasant, but when recently given the opportunity to go behind-the-scenes of the Paint It! Pottery Shop, I found getting messy while transforming a spinning lump of clay can actually be quite fun.

Interview with Paint It! Pottery Shop - manager Debra Wolterstorff, clay thrower instructor Joshua Haney, and owner Randy Thompson

The Paint It! Pottery Shop is a create-your-own studio that provides the opportunity for Dells residents and visitors of all ages to make one-of-a-kind gifts and keepsakes. Open year-round on the downtown strip, owners Randy and Nicole Thompson started the shop in 2003, and for the past nine years has given people with any artistic ability the chance to create unique pieces of art.

Recently, I spent a morning at the shop with manager Debra Wolterstorff and clay thrower instructor Joshua Haney, where they showed me around and walked me through the ins and outs of transforming mud into my very own masterpiece (well, at least my grandmother thought so.) I also had the opportunity to ask Randy about his experiences owning this ever changing studio.