Dells Bucket List #20 - Going behind-the-scenes of Taste of New Orleans restaurant

Eating authentic food from one of my favorite cities is usually something I only experience while on vacation. Being it’s been a couple years since my last visit, having the opportunity to enjoy delicious Cajun cuisine right here in the Dells, saving me the over one thousand mile trip south, definitely made my recent stop at the Taste of New Orleans restaurant a highly enjoyable one.

Interview with Taste of New Orleans restaurant owner Sam Rotolo

Taste of New Orleans restaurant in downtown Dells has brought the taste of fine southern Louisiana cooking to both locals and visitors alike, for the past six seasons. Recently, I got to spend a few hours with owner Sam Rofolo, who kindly shared with me stories of his colorful life, the history of the restaurant, as well as some of his delicious Cajun food. 

Dells Bucket List #19 - Going behind the-scenes of Fawn Creek Winery

Having the opportunity to sample a large variety of locally made wine, especially after learning firsthand how each was produced from start to finish, is an experience I won’t soon forget.   

Recently, I had the chance to go behind-the-scenes of Fawn Creek Winery, located in a maple, oak and pine grove about ten miles north of downtown Wisconsin Dells. There, I was explained the wine making process by their experts, as well as had the chance to enjoy many of the thirteen different wines that they produce.

Interview with Fawn Creek Winery's Dan Hanson and Jim Genrich

Fawn Creek Winery is a family run business that has been producing a variety of fine wines in the Dells for the past two years.  

Recently, I had the chance to spend the morning with two of the six owners, Dan Hanson and Jim Genrich, who showed me around the wine making facility, explained the wine making process, and poured me samples of their delicious offerings.