Interview with Big Sky Drive-In owner - Mary Bork

Big Sky Drive-In is one of only ten drive-in movie theaters in the state of Wisconsin. Located just east of downtown Wisconsin Dells, Big Sky offers double features of first run movies nightly May through September. Recently, I got to spend time with owner Mary Bork, who for the past thirty-three years has helped bring the outdoor movie viewing experience to tourists, as well as area residents young and old. 




DELLS BUCKET LIST #21 - Going behind the scenes of the Dells Bells Wedding Chapel

Watching a wedding never fails to bring a smile to my face but after having suffered through many long, drawn out wedding ceremonies throughout my lifetime, they usually aren’t something I particularly look forward to attending.

This was before I went behind the scenes of the Dells Bells Wedding Chapel, where for my latest Dells Bucket List adventure I got to witness a couple’s complete wedding experience, taking less time than it did for me to recently get fitted for a tux.